Settlement Courtyard Inn & Lavender Spa

established in 1984

The Settlement Courtyard Inn was originally built by Andrew and Elsie Redmann. In 1964 Andy and Elsie sold the White Gull Inn and bought a cherry farm where the Settlement Courtyard Inn and the Settlement Shops and Galleries are now located. In the 1970's Andrew began painting oils on weathered barn wood and opened his own gallery, later turning the tractor barns into gallery spaces to create an artist Settlement, which is how we got our name.

The activity of the day was a tractor ride with the neighborhood kids. They ate cherries right off the tree and spent our summer days at the Fish Creek beach and our winter days downhill skiing at Nor Ski Ridge, which is now Little Sweden.

The couple did many building projects and started their own Real Estate company. They wanted to get back into the Inn business so in 1982 they spent two years designing the Settlement Courtyard Inn with the old world ambiance of the White Gull Inn, finally opening in July of 1984.

Their three children, Andriette, John and Marise, returned home in 1984 to help build the inn. All the varnishing, staining and finishing work was done by the kids and crew.

A new era began in 1991 when John and Marise took over ownership. To keep up with technology they put phones in the rooms, added modem access and put reservations on a computer system. They refurbished the rooms and made them more luxurious. In 1998 John took over sole ownership and continued to update the rooms. He added satellite TV, king beds and new TVs with remotes, and offered the Coach House Suite. He refurbished the inn rooms and suites and added Whirlpool Suites. In 2000 he added the large outdoor pool.

In 2004, after John's passing, Marise and her family took over the running of the inn. In 2005 she added the Lavender Spa and lavender garden, the beer pub and wireless internet for the guests. Marise and Ken then continued to update the inn rooms and added the Garden House.

In 2019, the inn was purchased by Ryan and Jody Gallant. After purchasing the Settlement Inn, we look forward to adding a new chapter to its history. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful people to share the inn and its history with us. Thank you!

We look forward to your stay.

Ryan and Jody